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The Soulful World Fanzine, Allnighter and Weekender are cooperation between Daniel Borghetti and Jörg Puresoulie, both based in Munich.


We started the fanzine five years ago with the intention to continue the tradition of REAL fanzines – no ads, black and white and copied, size A5. Please, do not expect a full color, printed fanzine with lots of fancy extras. Unfortunately, our fanzine is written in German, which means that we have a limited reach within the soul scene. Please, contact me at if you are interested in ordering a copy (Euro 2 + postage).


Our allnighters are strictly with Continental-European-based DJs. There are definitely plenty of excellent DJs on the continent that deserve more attention. Our goal is to promote and strengthen the European soul scene and give young and/ or underrated DJs a chance.